Velosurf 2.x

The latest release is Velosurf 2.3 (gzipped tar archive). It contains both the binary and the sources.

Velosurf 2.x need Java 1.5. If you're still using an older Java version, consider using a Velosurf 1.4.x release.

If you are upgrading from a 1.4.x release and using Velosurf inside a Velocity Tools webapp, be sure to upgrade your version of velocity-tools-view and to change the deprecated classname to the new velosurf.web.VelosurfTool inside toolbox.xml.

The dependency jars are not included in the archive. To automatically download them, if you have Apache Ant installed, go into the build/ directory of the extracted archive and type ant download. This will download all dependency jars into the ./lib/ directory. Other ant tasks will download any needed jars as well. Or you can fetch them individually from the links bellow:

Some earlier versions of the commons-* libraries may be supported by Velosurf. To test them, you can edit the version numbers in the ./build/ file and test Velosurf with 'ant test'.

Running the tests also requires some additionnal libraries which will be downloaded when needed.

You can also checkout the last sources from the SourceForge subversion repository with the following command:

svn co velosurf

Velosurf 1.4.x

The Velosurf 1.4.x releases are not anymore maintained but they are still here if you cannot use java 1.5.

The latest release is Velosurf 1.4.4. (gzipped tar archive). It contains both the binary and the sources, plus all dependency jars in the lib/ directory. The binary is in the bin/ directory of the extracted archive.

You can also checkout the last 1.4.x sources from the SourceForge CVS repository with the following commands:

cvs login

cvs -z3 co -P velosurf