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This section gives some elements on the inner architecture of Velosurf.

Here are the main packages of Velosurf:

  • velosurf.cache contains the cache (used by the Entity class).
  • velosurf.context contains all the classes that are to be populated in Velocity contexts. Some of them are wrappers for internal classes (see the diagram below).
  • velosurf.model contains the classes that help modelize the data model as reverse-enginered and specified in the XML configuration file.
  • velosurf.sql contains all the classes dealing with the database itself via jdbc.
  • velosurf.standalone contains a helper class to use Velosurf in a standalone application.
  • velosurf.tools contains the two classes that can be used as Velocity-tools tools: HttpQueryTool and VelosurfTool.
  • velosurf.util contains various utilities.

The next diagram shows the dependency relationships between the main classes of Velosurf. It should be a good introduction for someone willing to browse the api or to dig into the sources.

Some dependencies are not shown to lighten the diagram:

  • almost all objects of the model and context packages use the PooledPreparedStatement class, and many use the Database class
  • the Database class itself references many classes of the model and context packages

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