Package velosurf.util

This package gathers miscellanous utility classes.


Interface Summary
Cryptograph Cryptograph - used to encrypt and decrypt strings.
MultiMap A MultiMap is a Map allowing multiple occurrences of keys.

Class Summary
DBResourceLoader A database resource loader for use with Velosurf.
DESCryptograph Implemenation of the cryptograph for the DES algorithm.
DNSResolver Utility class to resolve names against DN servers
Enumerator Adapter class that wraps an Enumeration around a Java2 collection classes object Iterator so that existing APIs returning Enumerations can easily run on top of the new collections.
FastHttpDateFormat Utility class to generate HTTP dates.
HashMultiMap A MultiMap is a Map allowing multiple occurrences of keys.
Logger This class is the logger used by velosurf.
NullServlet A null servlet, provided here for convenience, that will redirect the user to the forbidden uri (if provided in the init parameter "forbidden-uri") or respond with the FORBIDDEN error code.
ReaderInputStream Simple class to allow casting a reader in an input stream.
SavedRequest Object that saves the critical information from a request so that form-based authentication can reproduce it once the user has been authenticated.
SavedRequestWrapper This class provides request parameters, headers, cookies from original requrest or saved request.
ServletLogWriter This class implements a writer towards the servlet log.
StringLists This static class gathers utilities for lists of strings.
Strings this class gathers static utility methods for strings
TemplateNameFilter Deprecated.
ToolFinder An utility class used to find a tool in the toolbox.
UserContext Used to store contextual values relatives to the user (in a web context, there is one UserContext per http session).
VelosurfUberspector This uberspector allows getting a property while specifying extra external parameters to the property.
XIncludeResolver A basic JDOM XInclude resolver that will also work with a document base inside WEB-INF and with war archives.

Package velosurf.util Description

This package gathers miscellanous utility classes.

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